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Consumer bankruptcies are increasing and personal debt in St. Louis is at an all-time high. More than ever, a lot of good people are finding themselves burdened by overwhelming debt. Life is unpredictable, and often unmanageable debt is the result of factors beyond an individual's control: Illness, accidents, lay-offs, predatory lending, and foreclosures have placed too many people into financial situations they never could have imagined, or predicted. Thankfully, bankruptcy is an option that has helped people just like you get out from under crushing debt and get a fresh start on a brighter financial future.

Chapter 7 The most commonly filed form of bankruptcy is Chapter 7. This form of bankruptcy allows for a discharge of consumer or unsecured debt, such as credit cards, personal loans and other debts. If you are under crushing debt and facing ongoing difficulties with bills, home foreclosure or other problems, we can help. Read more about Chapter 7...

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Chapter 13 Some people do not want to lose property or other assets in bankruptcy, or make too much to qualify for chapter 7. In such a case, filing chapter 13 could be the solution that would resolve your financial difficulties and allow you to move forward without the pressure of unpaid obligations, creditor calls or the problems involved in a foreclosure or other legal threat. Read more about Chapter 13...

Filing for Bankruptcy If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you need to fully understand the process. Errors or incorrect information provided can lead to serious difficulties, including being denied the opportunity to file, or even legal action being taken against you. The process is more difficult and the documentation required has become more extensive. Filing for Bankruptcy may be the best thing you could do for yourself. Filing for bankruptcy may combat the following debt-related problems:

  • Repossessions Are you threatened with a repossession of your car or other item? This distressing and difficult matter can be resolved if you act quickly. Your car or other personal possessions are important to your work, your family and your other activities, as well as your self esteem. It is worth fighting for, and something can be done about it.

  • Wage Garnishment Are you suffering the repercussions of having your wages garnished? This difficult and troublesome situation can put you into a position of severe financial stress, and you may not be able to even cover your basic needs. If you are interested in putting an end to wage garnishment, our legal team at the firm can help.

  • Creditor Harassment Not all creditors are in compliance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. This federal law protects consumers from certain types of activities. If you have been the victim of harassment, you could have the legal right to file a civil claim against the company that is engaging in illegal collection practices, and recover compensation from them for their actions.

  • Home Foreclosure Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families are facing the threat of home foreclosure. How this is addressed is a crucial issue, and decisions about the property must be made. If you want to keep your home and avoid foreclosure you should seek assistance. If you want to move on and shed the obligation of a property that is no longer a good investment, there are options better than allowing a foreclosure to go through.

Cost of Bankruptcy What is the cost of bankruptcy? The process is more affordable that you might expect. Trying to get it done on your own can cause real problems, including being denied the opportunity offered by the federal government to get the fresh start you need when facing crushing debt problems.

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Benefits of Bankruptcy Bankruptcy has both benefits and repercussions. Getting information that you can trust and that allows you to fully understand the process and how it will actually affect you is an important matter. The benefits often far outweigh the risks, especially in cases in which there is no hope of managing your bills successfully. After bankruptcy, you have the opportunity to restore your credit and move forward. In fact, in many cases a foreclosure will damage your credit much more severely than filing for bankruptcy. As you will no longer owe the debt, your credit can be improved rapidly if you take the right actions.

Why Hire an Attorney? Although it is true that you can file bankruptcy without legal help, you stand the risk of making an error that will delay the process, cause you to be found ineligible to file, or even cause you legal problems if it is considered that you were hiding assets. The process should be undertaken with help from an attorney so that you protect yourself from future harm or difficulties.

Life After Bankruptcy What will life be like after bankruptcy? The first thing that many people notice is the immediate cessation of creditor calls, letters and threats. As this has usually been the ongoing daily situation, the release from the stress can be the first thing that brings you relief. You should understand what life after bankruptcy will be like with regard to your credit and other issues.

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